Instagram Stories and DMs now support Meta’s 3D avatars

Instagram Stories and DMs now support Meta’s 3D avatars

In a bid to compete with Snap’s Bitmoji feature, Facebook (now Meta) launched Avatars all the way back in 2019. At first, the feature was only available in Australia, but Facebook released it in other markets over the course of a year. As its name suggests, the feature lets you create a virtual avatar of yourself that you can use in Messenger or on the Facebook feed. Almost three years after debuting the feature, Meta is now bringing it to Instagram Stories and DMs.

In a recent blog post (via CNET), Meta said that Instagram users in the US, Canada, and Mexico will now be able to share their 3D Avatars with others through Stories or via DMs. In addition, the company highlighted all the new changes for 3D Avatars included in the latest update. These include:


New customization options

Meta 3D Avatar updates

Meta’s updated 3D Avatars come with various new customization options, including Cochlear implants, over-the-ear hearing aids in several colors and wheelchairs. These options are available across all platforms, including VR, and will also show up in stickers on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram DMs. Meta has also adjusted certain facial shapes and tweaked skin shaders with the latest update, which improves the look of Avatars.

Improved availability

Meta’s 3D Avatars are now available across Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger for users in the US, Mexico, and Canada, along with the regions where Meta has already started rolling out Avatars. Users will now be able to use their 3D Avatars as profile pictures on Facebook and even share them in comments, stickers, and stories across all platforms.

Furthermore, Meta notes that if “your previously created an avatar on Facebook in the past, get ready to see a new side of yourself — literally. Your avatar will automatically enter the third dimension as part of this update, and we’re doing our best to make sure your new-and-improved self matches the choices you made previously. That said, there are a lot more options now than there were before! You’ll have the chance to jump into the editor and make some changes.”

In addition, Meta will now let you create different Avatars for different platforms. You’ll have the option to create three distinct Avatars — one for Facebook and Messenger, one for Instagram, and one for VR. If you keep a single Avatar and choose to sync it across platforms, any changes you make will automatically be reflected on all platforms.

NFL Partnership

Meta 3D Avatar NFL partnership

Lastly, Meta has partnered with the NFL to bring NFL-themed customization options for Avatars. These options will be available until February 28 and will let you change your Avatar’s outfit to support the Cincinnati Bengals or Los Angeles Rams. In case you’re not a fan of these teams, you’ll also get the option to pick a neutral Super Bowl LV1 shirt for your Avatar.

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