Instagram is testing new Boomerang modes, Layouts for Stories, and more

Instagram is testing new Boomerang modes, Layouts for Stories, and more

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Instagram by Facebook, the photo and video-sharing social network, has become the social network of choice for many users, boasting of over 1 billion users as of May 2019. The Android app for the service sits in the elite club of apps having over 1 billion downloads and a decent 4.5-star average rating from over 85 million reviews. To keep users engaged on its platform, Instagram is now testing out new modes for Boomerang videos, layout options for stories, notification filters, comment sharing, new icons for camera mode within stories, and in-app app and website settings.

As detailed by prolific reverse engineer Ms. Jane Manchun Wong in her blog, Instagram is working on new Boomerang modes for use within stories. These new modes include a “Hold” mode that pauses at the end of each loop, a “Dynamic” mode that wiggles at the end of each loop, a “Slowmo” mode that slows down the Classic Boomerang, a “Duo” that slows down Classic by a small margin, and another “Duo” that speeds up Classic by a small margin. We presume that the names for each of these new modes may be working titles and not finalized names, which would explain why Duo appears twice. The blog includes an interactive emulation of what these modes could like, so check it out if you are interested in what these could turn out to be.

Stories will also receive layout options in the future. Layouts provides users with grid options to present photos from their Story Camera or from their Camera Roll. Previously, Layouts were limited only to posts created for the Instagram timeline/feed. The blog post contains an emulation of the upcoming layouts too.

Instagram Layouts for Stories

Instagram is also working on implementing notification filters in the Activity tab, letting users only see a specific category of notifications. This will certainly be appreciated by people with medium-to-large followings, bringing some sanity back to their Activity tab.

Instagram is also testing out sending links to specific comments through a dedicated “Share” button. This feature currently only works when the links are shared within Instagram Direct Messages, so if you try to share the link outside of DMs, you will be sharing the entire post instead. Of course, the feature is expected to be polished and improved before it is rolled out.

Other upcoming changes on Instagram include a new set of icons for the Story Camera modes, and the ability to access the App and Websites Settings page from within the app. The latter would make reviewing active authorizations for third-party apps and websites easier. All of these features are experimental features that are likely to make their way to both the Android and iOS app in the future but could also be scrapped if the developers deem them unstable or unnecessary for their audience.

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Source: Jane Manchun Wong