Instagram will soon begin testing a new repost feature

Instagram will soon begin testing a new repost feature

By now, it’s no surprise when a company “borrows” features from another platform to make it its own. We have seen it time and time again, and every time it just gets more and more blatant. With that said, Instagram is working on a new feature that will allow users to repost Reels or Instagram content and share it directly on their own feed. Meta was able to confirm the feature, stating that it will begin testing it with a small group of users soon.

The new feature was spotted by Matt Navarra, who is a social media consultant and industry analyst. Navarra posted a screenshot to Twitter, showing off the repost tab that can be found on the profile of Instagram Head Adam Mosseri. Navarra was given more details about the feature by mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi. Paluzzi’s app screenshot showed off an intro screen with instructions on how reposts will work. Apparently, users can take recommended posts and share them to their own feed or story. It goes on to explain the reposts are shown in a different tab on one’s Instagram profile, much like what we see in Mosseri’s profile below.


Instagram Repost

Although Twitter may have been the first to feature a repost option, other platforms have since borrowed it, and Instagram is definitely not the first to try and adopt this into its own platform. While it certainly makes sharing easier, one has to wonder whether Instagram users will embrace this feature. Instagram has had problems as of late, with its users not accepting some of the changes that have been implemented on the platform.

One of the biggest issues for Instagram has been competitor TikTok. TikTok has exploded over the past few years, becoming one of the most popular social media platforms to date. Instagram recently tried to mimic TikTok’s fullscreen style and suffered a severe backlash from its users. The pushback was so bad it forced the platform to reverse course. Thankfully, for every bust, there are a lot of victories, like Instagram updating its sensitive content filters for teens, adding age verification tools, Amber Alerts, and more.

Source: Matt Navarra (Twitter), Alessandro Paluzzi (Twitter)

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