Instagram is working on several new features, including improvements to Story replies

Instagram is working on several new features, including improvements to Story replies

Instagram continuously works on adding new features to its app. Some of which are original ideas, while the rest are inspired by other platforms. The Meta-owned service — which first started as a basic photo/video sharing app — has become a feature-rich destination that many users like to seek. And as new additions land, users are getting their hands on more ways to express themselves in the digital world. The company is currently developing at least five new features that could eventually become available to users. Considering they’re still under active development, there’s a chance that Instagram will scratch some (or all) of them before they see the light of day.


Upcoming Instagram features

Reliable reverse engineer and leaker Alessandro Paluzzi has shared some of the new features Instagram is working on.

Exclusives tab

Instagram appears to be working on a tab for exclusive subscriber content. So if you’re paying a creator, you would be able to easily access the section — which displays all of the paid goods they post.

Image replies to Instagram Stories

The company is also developing an option to reply to a certain Story with an image of your choice.

Voice note replies to Instagram Stories

Similarly, Instagram is working on a new voice note button that is included as a reply option when viewing a Story.

Sharing Instagram posts through QR codes

Instagram already allows users to directly share a post to several other social media platforms. The company is now implementing a QR code option that would provide you with an additional way to share a post with your friends.

Disappearing Story Reactions

Lastly, Instagram is developing Disappearing Story Reactions. These would vanish once the recipient views them — instead of sticking around in the chat history. The company already provides users with a Vanish Mode that affects regular direct messages (DMs).

All of these new Instagram features are currently under development, and there’s no way to tell when and if they’ll make it past this stage. It’s not uncommon for corporations to work on new features — only to drop them altogether later on. Considering all five could come in handy, we only hope that the company releases them to end users down the road.

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