How to install custom themes in EMUI if you’re region restricted

How to install custom themes in EMUI if you’re region restricted

For those of our readers using EMUI while being region-restricted by Huawei, XDA Senior Member -Mr. X- published a thorough Forum Post on how to install custom themes. However, before we dive into the steps needed to be performed, there are certain prerequisites. In addition to making sure that you’ve got Huawei Mobile Services (.apk) installed, make sure that you’ve got this application titled Package Manager: Details, Analyze & Backup installed as well.

Also, a side-note, you might want to make sure that all updates to the EMUI Themes application initiated and installed by the Play Store have been uninstalled.


After installing Huawei Mobile Services and the Package Manager, open the latter up and head over to the Activities tab. In the search bar, make sure you search for “hwid” in order to get the Huawei Mobile Services result. Tap on it to expand its activities.

Now that you have all the activities visible in front of you, find, tap and launch the activity titled “Account Centre.” Performing all of the steps laid out in this section should lead to you to a log-in page with a link to create a new account. At this point, you should create a new account with the region set to “UK.” Skip all verification options except email verification and use your email address to verify the new account.

Now, head back into the Package Manager, search for “hwid,” expand its activities and tap on Account Centre again. You should be logged in at this point.

Open up the theme store titled “Themes,” agree to the terms and find yourself looking at an array of custom EMUI themes. In order to keep the themes from disappearing, though, disable auto-updates for the Themes application from the Play Store. Let us know if -Mr. X-’s method worked for you in the comments!

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