Learn How To Install Ubuntu on Chromebook

Learn How To Install Ubuntu on Chromebook

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Chrome OS is definitely a nice operating system that offers a unique cloud experience. It’s becoming more capable and complex with every single release, and Google is pushing hard to make it a true competitor to Windows and Linux distros. While the OS is constantly improving, Ubuntu still seems to be a better choice in terms of software availability and overall user experience when looking at alternative OSes.

Google’s operating system is installed by default on Chromebooks. These laptops weren’t designed to run other operating systems out of the box, but the community quickly managed to find a way. If you don’t know how, XDA Forum Member mbloomer04 created a little guide to help you on your journey.

The guide written by mbloomer04 explains how to install Ubuntu as a second operating system using crouton: Chromium OS Universal Chroot Environment project. Switching between Chrome OS and Ubuntu is as simple as pressing the three or four key combination. Your machine doesn’t even need to be restarted, which improves speed of switching between the OSes significantly.

The Ubuntu installation is temporary and you can easily get rid of it. All you need to do is restore the factory state of the device. This Linux distribution can be installed both on Intel and ARM based Chromebooks.

If you use a Chromebook and would like to try Ubuntu, please head over to the guide thread to learn all the details.