How to Install and Use MultiROM – XDA TV

How to Install and Use MultiROM – XDA TV

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The great thing about XDA is you can find all these great custom ROMs. There are so many in fact that sometimes you want to have access to a couple so you can change depending on your mood. And while you can just flash those everytime, what if there was an easier way?

In this episode of XDA TV, rirozizo shows you MultiROM Manager using his Nexus 4. MultiROM is an unique customization that you can place on supported Android phones and select which ROMs you have installed you want to run. Rirozizo shows off how to install the MultiROM feature. He shows you how to add available ROMs. He shows the user interface. He talks about MultiROM at length. If you wanted to know more about MultiROM, check out this video.

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