Instant Screen Off Application For Desire HD

Instant Screen Off Application For Desire HD

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The HTC Desire HD is a beautiful phone, and if you’re the lucky owner of one, you might be finding that as well as being beautiful, the device feels quite large in your hand.

This is great since you get more screen space, but with the power button at the top of the device, sometimes it’s a little awkward to press one handed.

XDA forum member exidler has worked around this by writing a small app to switch off the screen without having to reach around to the power button. The app works instantly, there is no lag and simulates pressing of the power button with a fade effect (no fake switching off by setting brightness to zero).

There are two versions available, one with the original icon, and one with a request icon.

You will need root to use this app. To download the apk, visit the application thread.