Instaprefs is an Xposed Module that adds loads of features to Instagram

Instaprefs is an Xposed Module that adds loads of features to Instagram

Instagram boasts of more than a billion registered users, making it one of the most popular photo and video sharing social platforms in the world. The Instagram app does a lot of things right for it to gain this popularity, but it also has a few quirks that are intentionally placed, and some quirks, like the inability to zoom in on photos, that we can’t really explain. If you are looking to fix some of Instagram’s quirks and add a lot of features to the app, try out the Instaprefs Xposed Module.

Instaprefs by XDA Senior Member MaaarZ (of the Snapprefs fame) is an Xposed Module that adds and extends features to the official Instagram app. The list of features that the app adds is given below:

  • Saving of high-quality Posts, Stories, DMs, Live Videos, Profile Pictures
  • Story saving
  • DM saving
  • Profile picture saving
  • Stealth Story/DM viewing
  • Unlimited Story/DM viewing
  • Post Notification saving (full-sized: image, video, carousel)
  • Unlimited DM viewing for self-destroying images
  • Zoom for Posts, Stories, DMs, Live videos, Profile Pictures
  • Typing, camera opened and replay notification removal
  • Media controls for videos
  • Private indicator on Posts and Profiles
  • Follow indicator on Posts and Profiles
  • Suggested users, shops are blocked
  • Story and Feed ads are blocked
  • Copy comments
  • Increased quality for sent images

Installation instructions for this specific Xposed Module are simple and straightforward, as all you have to do is install the module, grant it Storage permission and restart Instagram. However, on newer versions of Android, Xposed is not available officially, which adds a layer of complexity to the procedure. Interested users will have to install EdXposed, the unofficial successor to the Xposed Framework. EdXposed in turn requires the Riru Core Magisk Module, which in turn requires Magisk, and which in turn requires an unlocked bootloader.

Do note that some users in the thread are reporting issues with the module not working on Android Oreo with EdXposed. But these reports do not have the requisite logs for the developer to troubleshoot the issue. So, if you are trying it out on Android Oreo and are unable to use the module, do share a logcat with the developer. For interested users on Android 10, other users have reported better success with using the dedicated EdXposed Android 10 Magisk.

Instaprefs Xposed Module — XDA Download and Discussion Thread

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