Intel Cutting Significant Part, Possibly Entire Atom Lineup

Intel Cutting Significant Part, Possibly Entire Atom Lineup

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Update 10:26 PM 4/29: SoFIA and Broxton are now confirmed discontinued by multiple reputable sites with separate conversations with Intel. Anandtech and PC World, among others, are cited for this information.

Intel has started to clarify where it is going after the announcement of cutting up to 11% of its workforce last week – and fans of Intel’s Atom lineup are in for some broken hearts. According to information from Patrick Moorhead at Forbes it appears that at least two projects – SoFIA and the previously announced Broxton SoC – are cancelled. Update: Confirmed now via multiple sources.

PC World has also announced that the Cherry Trail lineup is cancelled and that the successor, codenamed “Apollo Lake” will be rolled into the Pentium and Core M brands. Update: In a more recent PC World article Apollo Lake may still use the Atom branding and Cherry Trail’s future was left unclear.

The news would come as a surprise to many given that Intel has reportedly invested millions into research, development and retooling to break into this market.  If confirmed, Intel would effectively withdraw them from the tablet and smartphone market as well as impact other projects such as the Microsoft HoloLens, Intel’s Compute Stick and Next Unit of Computing (NUC) lineups. OEMs of Intel’s smartphones, such as ASUS and Samsung, would also see significant impacts if this is confirmed.

We have sent inquiries out to Intel to request further information and we will clarify if and when more information becomes available. Other sites have been doing the same so more than likely the picture of Atom’s future, if one exists, will be clear no later than early next week.

Note: This is a developing story.

So fans of Intel’s smartphones and tablets: What will you do if the lineup is continued? Do you use an Atom device? We will be covering this with updates as they become available. In the meantime sound off in the comments below!