Intel Pentium Gold G7400T vs AMD Athlon Gold 3150GE: The best 35W CPU

Intel Pentium Gold G7400T vs AMD Athlon Gold 3150GE: The best 35W CPU

Intel finally put an end to all the leaks and speculation by revealing the entire lineup of 12th Gen Alder Lake desktop processors. The existing Alder Lake chips on the market have already made it our collection of the best CPUs, so it’ll be interesting to see what the remaining chips bring to the table. Intel has added a bunch of 65W and 35W low-powered chips to the mix, adding as many as 22 different SKUs to the Alder Lake family. These low-powered CPUs are fairly popular in the market as these chips tend to pay huge dividends in favor of power efficiency over the short bursts of boosted clock speeds.


In addition to a handful of non-K variants of the existing Alder Lake chips, Intel has also revealed its new Alder Lake-T lineup bearing 35W chips. In this article, we’ll be stacking the Intel Pentium Gold G7400T against the AMD Athlon Gold 3150GE CPU. This matchup will allow us to find out the better chip for entry-level builds for productivity and entertainment.

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Intel Pentium Gold G7400T vs AMD Athlon Gold 3150GE: Specifications

Here’s a quick look at the specifications of each CPU to see how they stack up against each other on paper:

Specification Intel Pentium Gold G7400T AMD Athlon Gold 3150GE
CPU Socket LGA 1700 AMD AM4
Cores 2 4
Threads 4 4
Lithography Intel 7 (10nm) 12nm
Base Frequency 3.1GHz 3.3GHz
Boost Frequency NA 3.8GHz
Unlocked for overclocking? No Yes
L3 Cache 6MB 4MB
Default TDP 35W 35W
Max. Operating Temperature (Tjmax) 100°C 95°C
Memory Support DDR4 3200MT/s | DDR5-4800MT/s DDR4 up to 2933MHz
Integrated Graphics Intel UHD 710 Radeon RX Vega 3 Graphics

Intel Pentium Gold G7400T vs AMD Athlon Gold 3150GE: Performance

The Intel Pentium Gold G7400T is one of the many 35W Alder Lake CPUs that are making their way to market in 2022. This low-end chip may not be as powerful as some of the other Intel Core processors in the family, but it’s still a step above the Celeron G6900T. Intel has also revealed a non-T version of the Pentium Gold G7400T with a slightly higher base frequency and a higher base power value.

Intel Pentium Gold CPU logo

The AMD Athlon Gold 3150GE, in case you don’t know, is a low-powered version of the Athlon Gold 3150G chip running at 35W. The Athlon Gold 3150GE is similar to the Athlon 3150G in more ways than one. The 3150G variant consumes as much as 86% more power for 6% and 2.6% higher base and boost clock, respectively. But it goes without saying that it’ll be able to maintain the boost frequencies for a lot longer in comparison to the low-powered chip. The AMD Athlon Gold 3150GE exists mainly because people tend to lean towards a low-powered CPU for power efficiency.

It’s worth pointing out that Pentium Gold G7400T and the Athlon Gold 3150GE are both entry-level, low-end CPUs with limited performance. These CPUs are often deployed by enterprises for their system dealing with day-to-day productivity workloads, or by casual users for home entertainment systems. While the Intel chip may not look very powerful in comparison to the Athlon 31590GE on paper, we think the general performance will be more or less the same. If anything we expect the Intel chip to outperform the Athlon 3150GE in many workloads when paired with the right components including the new DDR5 memory modules.

Intel's new Laminar RS1 CPU cooler

Much like a lot of other low-end Alder Lake chips, the Pentium Gold G7400T also lacks the Gracemont E-cores. We’re looking at a dual-core unit with 4 threads trading blows with a similarly specced Athon 3150GE. The Pentium chip is bound to have slightly better performance in certain workloads thanks to the support for DDR5-4800MT/s in addition to DDR4-3200MT/s modules. The AMD Athlon 3150GE, in comparison, only brings support for DDR4 modules with up to 2933MHz memory speeds. Both CPUs also carry integrated graphics to deploy entry-level systems without a discrete GPU.

Intel Pentium Gold G7400T vs AMD Athlon Gold 3150GE: Final Thoughts

Intel’s Alder Lake lineup represents a significant upgrade over the previous-generation Intel chips in many ways. We haven’t had a chance to test all the Alder Lake chips but initial impressions point towards a significant gen-on-gen improvement. The general performance of the Alder Lake chips has been better than many comparing chips with lower power consumption. The new Intel chips have shown a huge improvement in power consumption, but it’s trailing behind the AMD CPUs in this aspect.

The Intel Pentium Gold G7400T is available to purchase for $64, making it one of the most affordable CPUs in the Alder Lake-S series. The AMD Athlon Gold 3150GE, on the other hand, can’t be purchased separately since it’s limited to partner OEMs. It’ll be interesting to see how this particular chip performs in the entry-level space. Intel has also announced the new Laminar RS1 CPU cooler for the new Pentium Gold and Celeron CPUs, so we’re expecting to see a decent cooling performance too. We’ll update this comparison with more benchmark numbers once we’ve had the chance to test the new CPUs.

    Intel's new Pentium Gold G7400T may not be the most powerful CPU in the Alder Lake family but it's known to be more powerful than many of the competing chips in the same price point.

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