Interpreter Mode rolls out to Google Assistant on phones

Interpreter Mode rolls out to Google Assistant on phones

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Nearly a year ago, Google rolled out a feature called “Interpreter Mode” for Smart Displays and speakers. It allows you to make Google Assistant act as your translator for a number of different languages. As cool as this feature is, the use cases for Smart Displays and speakers are pretty low. Today, the company has started rolling it out to Android and iOS phones.

To use Interpreter Mode in Google Assistant, simply say “Hey Google, be my [language] translator” or “help me speak [language].” This will open up the interpreter interface where you have a few different input methods. The default method is voice and all you need to do is press the microphone icon and say the phrase you’d like translated. This will translate from your default language to the chosen language.

The next method (which can be selected at the bottom) is “Manual.” This is great for having a conversation with someone in a different language. There is a microphone button for each language so you can select whichever one the person is using and talk back and forth. Lastly, the Keyboard option allows the words to be typed in.

Interpreter Mode in Google Assistant supports 44 languages. It should be available right now on both Android and iOS devices. Is this something you will use?

Source: Google