IntoCircuit Power Castle 11,200 mAh Power Bank Review

IntoCircuit Power Castle 11,200 mAh Power Bank Review

Currently, used batteries last for no longer than a couple of days. Processors, graphical units, and the Android OS itself require lots of juice. Simple loading using the AC charger may be not enough, especially while you’re traveling.

A few years ago, you could have simply swapped the battery and continued to enjoy your phone. However, many current handsets, especially high-end ones, have built-in batteries, so all you can do while traveling is use a portable power bank battery charger. While this may sound a little odd, the power bank technology has come a long way and if you haven’t already got one, you may want to consider looking into them.

There is a variety of different power banks and they all range in price. You can get the cheapest, least capacitive models for just a few bucks or spend some more to get a model able to charge your phone a few times. Recently, I received a test unit of the IntoCircuit Power Castle 11200 mAh, which you can find for around $24 on Amazon. I would like to share my opinion about this model and hopefully help you make up your mind while looking for a power bank.

When unboxing the IntoCircuit Power Castle, you find a cigarette pack-sized power bank with a brushed aluminum shell, a quite long (~15”) microUSB cable, and a good looking soft carry case. The device is quite heavy, and features high quality Samsung Grade A Lithium-ion cells. You’ll also find a short manual and warranty card in the package. 71zuOrUcu0L._SL1500_

One of the biggest gripes I have with the majority of currently distributed power banks is that they use a four-LED system to show the remaining capacity. This system just simply doesn’t cut it. It’s extremely hard to judge exactly how much power you have left in your charger, which may lead you to rather unpleasant surprises when you run out of juice. IntoCircuit Power Castle, however, uses a nice looking and accurate LED display. A small screen shows the exact percentage of how much battery is left and indicates which of the two available ports is currently in use. The screen has a blue backlight that disables itself after a few seconds of use to stop consuming the precious juice inside. Double tapping on the power button will activate the built-in LED flashlight, that can help you out with finding the microUSB port in your device. The charging process starts automatically after the device is connected. It’s also automatically disabled when you plug out the cable.

Another great feature of this power bank is that it supports passthrough charging. You can connect your phone or tablet to one of two USB ports (2.1A or 1.0A) and charge it, while the power bank itself is being charged with external AC charger. This certainly makes the process of charging of both devices much more convenient.

The available capacity should allow you to charge your phone at least two times before needing to plug the bank into a power supply. This only applies to high-end phones with larger batteries such as the Samsung Galaxy S5, LG G3, or OnePlus One. Phones with smaller batteries can be charged up to five times, which is pretty impressive considering the low price of the power bank.

To wrap things up, I would definitely recommend getting this gadget. It’s fast, reliable, filled with features, and pretty good looking. It does make some noise when charging, but this is certainly not a deal breaker. If you are looking for an affordable power bank that’s built with quality, the IntoCircuit Power Castle 11,200 mAh may be the right choice.

Thanks to XDA Junior Member consifu for sending me the test unit.

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