Introducing Voices of XDA: Have Your Ideas Heard

Introducing Voices of XDA: Have Your Ideas Heard

By far the greatest assets we have at XDA-Developers are you, the developers, the eager to learn and the bold. Everyday we see innovation and brilliant ideas across the site, from this we know that many of you have great insight in to your respective fields. That is why today, I am honored to announce a new project that will allow us to work with you directly to have your views and thoughts expressed clearer than ever. Introducing:


Voices of xda


From today onwards you will start to see new articles appearing regularly on the front page of our site, these will be written not by us the Portal team but by you the members as guest writers. If you see something relevant that you feel strongly about, why not analyze it and let the world know? If you have a unique or interesting view on a subject, again, why shouldn’t you share it with the community? We are frequently asked by members looking to start in journalism, “What is it like to be a news writer for xda-developers?” Well, here’s your chance to to step in as a guest writer and find out.

Their are a few guidelines for Voices of xda:

  • As always keep it relevant and interesting,
  • Do your research,
  • Writing a feature advertising your new app, rom, kernal etc will not be accepted, instead send us a tip,
  • Even if your idea is not initially accepted, we may still work with you to grow and develop your idea.

If you are interested and would like to see your work on the xda portal fill out the form here and we will get back to you soon!

Who would you like to see write a feature for the portal? Leave a comment below!

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