Introducing the XDA Computing Forums: Dedicated discussion zones for Hardware, Software, and more!

Introducing the XDA Computing Forums: Dedicated discussion zones for Hardware, Software, and more!

You might have noticed that recently, XDA has been publishing a lot of content around Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, and other computing topics. This hasn’t been by mistake. We at XDA are really excited about Computing and today, we’re launching the XDA Computing Forums.

If you’re a technology enthusiast, XDA is a place that you can go to embrace whatever your passion might be. The new Computing forum is split into four categories: Build-a-PC, PC Peripherals, Hardware Tech Talk, and OS.


In the Build-a-PC section, you’ll find the Battlestations area. If you’ve got your own PC build and you want to show it off, head over there and strut your stuff. If you’re looking to build or upgrade, check out the PC part sales section. This is where you can talk about deals, or maybe discover a place to buy some hard-to-find parts.


Visit the Build-a-PC section in the XDA Computing Forums

PC Peripherals

Once you’ve got your PC together, it’s time to talk about peripherals. We’ve got three topics in this section: Mechanical keyboards, Monitors, and Mice. If you’re looking for guides on mechanical keyboards, we’ve got you covered. Want to talk about monitors? You can do that too.

Visit the PC Peripherals section in the XDA Computing Forums

Hardware Tech Talk

Hardware Tech Talk is your place to go all-in on the brands that you’re enthusiastic about. You’ll find sections here that are dedicated to AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, and Apple. Head over here to find breakdowns on processors from Intel and AMD, or GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD. Or, just head over there to talk about what’s new.

Visit the Hardware Tech Talk section in the XDA Computing Forums


This section is all about software. As you can probably guess, you’ll find sections for Windows, macOS, and Linux. You can come here to discuss tips and tricks, troubleshoot common issues, or just discuss the latest from whatever operating system that you use.

Visit the OS section in the XDA Computing Forums

We’re pretty excited about the new XDA Computing forums, and we hope that you will be too. Check it out here.

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