Check out our Newest App: XDA Feed, Amazing Content Discovery for Popular XDA Devices!

Check out our Newest App: XDA Feed, Amazing Content Discovery for Popular XDA Devices!

There are so many amazing things you can do with your phone, and so much of it is hidden away in the huge number of threads, posts and articles found on XDA. To fix this problem, we created an app called XDA Feed.

XDA Feed (available NOW from the Play store), as you probably guessed, is a “feed” of the best of the best for your particular phone, updated several times per day. Whether it’s a new ROM, kernel, root method, news article, analysis, video, or an interesting icon pack, theme, or wallpaper to change things up a little bit, XDA Feed will keep you apprised of the best stuff for your phone, with granular notifications to filter content type and push interval selection — or disable them altogether, if you don’t wish to be disturbed.


Splash screen

The feed with Dark Theme.

The feed with Light Theme.

Wallpaper content page lets you download the wallpaper and apply it.

Kernel content page.

Toggle for various content categories. Gray means turned off.


Notification settings by content type and frequency.

Moar feed!

We plan to have a version of XDA Feed specifically for all popular devices on XDA (and for those which we know we’ll have enough valuable and original content to relay to you), but today we’re starting with the most popular device on XDA, which is the OnePlus 3/3T. In the coming weeks and months, expect Feed to come to the Pixel/Pixel XL, Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, Nexus 6P, and so on.

Feed is fully Material Design, ad-free, and fast as #&@#. And you can get it right now on the Play Store. Even if you don’t have a OnePlus 3/3T, you can still use it, since some of the content types mentioned above (such as wallpapers and icon packs), are not specific to just one device. So, stop reading, and go get it! And please drop your questions/concerns/comments into the official XDA Feed Beta thread!

Download XDA Feed from the Play Store!

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