Secure Individual Apps with IOBit Applock [+Win a Moto Z Play!]

Secure Individual Apps with IOBit Applock [+Win a Moto Z Play!]

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Applock is a security application developed by IObit. You can use Applock to apply a PIN, password or facelock to any of your specified apps. This is ideal for keeping people from seeing your Snapchat, Instagram, email, or other private information. It’s ideal for those that share their device or that cannot use a lockscreen security method for whatever reason. Some people use Smart Unlock in Android to keep their phone unlocked under certain scenarios, thus making their phone susceptible to prying eyes. This app even can fool someone into thinking that an app is continuously force closing so they don’t get suspicious that you’ve deliberately locked down an app. In this video, Miles takes us through all of the many features within the app.

Contest: We’re giving away an unlocked Moto Z Play and it’s open to all countries. To enter the contest, scroll down the page and use the contest widget to enter. But first, here’s some more information about Applock.

App Locking

Keep your most sensitive information secure by putting a password on your apps. Once your phone is unlocked, your photos, social media, email and texts are accessible to intruders. Secure them with a second layer of either a password, code or facelock.


Face Lock

The facelock feature allows you to use facial recognition to unlock your protected apps. This can sometimes be a security risk because normally an intruder could hold up a picture of your face to bypass the lock. With the facelock “lively” feature, the app will ask you to move your face from side to side to ensure that you’re a real person.


“Fake” Lock

When someone encounters your password input, it might pique their interest even more to what you might be hiding. Avoid this by using the fake lock feature. This will disguise your password input as either a picture, a force close error, a cracked screen, or one of the other options that you can choose from.


Intruder Selfie

Find out who’s trying to guess your lock code. After three failed attempts to get passed your app lock, the front camera will snap a picture and store it in the app’s security center.


Change Icon

When an intruder finds out that you have a security app, the first thing they might do is try to find it so they can attempt to uninstall it. Avoid this by disguising the Applock icon with one of the build-in options.


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