iOS 15.1 Beta allows users to get rid of annoying Apple Watch and Apple TV keyboard notifications again

iOS 15.1 Beta allows users to get rid of annoying Apple Watch and Apple TV keyboard notifications again

If you’re an Apple Watch or Apple TV user, then you probably know about the infamous keyboard notification. It is true that this notification is helpful, but it also would pop-up in a spammy manner at times, especially when someone else at home is using the Apple TV. On iOS 14 and earlier, there has been a way to disable these notifications. Apple removed it in iOS 15.0, for some reason, but it has been added again in the latest iOS 15.1 beta.

For those not familiar with this keyboard notification, it basically showed up on your iPhone every time you clicked on a text field on your Apple TV or Apple Watch. In some cases, it would even pop up even if I haven’t clicked anything on my Apple Watch when I receive an iMessage from someone (to reply to them). Again, it’s a useful feature that spares you the pain of dealing with the Apple Watch or Apple TV keyboards, but users should have the choice to disable it. We’re happy to say that this option is back!


As per a 9to5Mac report, the feature has been added to iOS 15.1, which is currently in beta testing. To disable this feature, follow the steps below:

  • Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.

iOS settings app highlighting notifications section

  • Go to the Notifications section.

Notifications iOS settings highlighting Apple Watch keyboard

  • Click on Apple Watch Keyboard

Apple Watch keyboard notifications settings highlighting the on and off toggle

  • Toggle Allow Notifications off.
  • Follow the same steps if you want to turn keyboard notifications off for the Apple TV. Instead of heading to Apple Watch Keyboard notifications settings, scroll and click on Apple TV Keyboard.

Personally, I’m keeping it on for the time being because it makes inputting text on my Apple Watch easier (when there’s no alternative on the iPhone). I don’t use an Apple TV myself, but those who have a few in their houses and don’t live alone might want to take toggling it off into consideration.

Have these notifications ever bothered you? Will you be toggling them off when iOS 15.1 is publicly released? Let us know in the comments section below.

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