iOS 15.2 allows you to erase a locked iPhone without connecting it to a PC

iOS 15.2 allows you to erase a locked iPhone without connecting it to a PC

For the longest time, resetting and erasing a locked iPhone required a Mac or Windows PC. Users would need to put the device in DFU recovery mode and connect it to a computer with a cable. The process is somewhat lengthy and not as simple as factory resetting an iPhone when you know its password. Fortunately for all of us, iOS 15.2 changes that. Users can now erase a locked iPhone independently, ditching the need to have a PC around.

iOS 15.2 erase locked iPhone

9to5Mac has reported that the latest iOS 15.2 build enables users to erase their locked iPhones independently. The software update was released to the public earlier this week. All users running it will be able to take advantage of the new feature. When an iPhone is in Security Lockout mode, a new Erase iPhone button will appear next to the Emergency one. Clicking the former button will ask you to enter your Apple ID password, before it proceeds to erase itself.


If your device isn’t connected to WiFi or a mobile data plan, the process will fail. That’s because the iPhone won’t be able to communicate with Apple servers. This will require you to use the traditional PC method to erase it. Otherwise, an internet-connected iPhone will start the resetting process once you confirm your Apple ID password. After the process ends, the device will return to its out-of-box state.

This change makes it easier for people without Macs or PCs to use their iPhones or iPads independently. Apple continues to market the latter as a PC replacement, and the ability to erase it in case of a forgotten password only brings it a step closer towards achieving that goal. The company is currently testing a version of Swift Playgrounds that will allow developers to build and publish their apps to the App Store without needing a Mac.

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