Apple releases iOS 15.5 beta 3 to registered developers, here’s what’s new

Apple releases iOS 15.5 beta 3 to registered developers, here’s what’s new

After the introduction of iOS 15.4 last month, Apple is now working on the upcoming version of iOS 15. The company has just released iOS 15.5 beta 3 to registered developers across the world. iOS 15.5 could potentially be the last major update to iOS 15 — as the company has announced WWDC22. As a result, Apple is likely shifting its attention to iOS 16 at this phase. iOS 15.4 introduced plenty of new additions, including new emoji, Face ID support when masked, and much more. Expectedly, iOS 15.5 isn’t as rich because this version is potentially just fixing leftover bugs and making final tweaks. Here’s everything new in iOS 15.5 beta.


What’s new in iOS 15.5 Beta 3

iOS 15.5 beta 3

More under-the-hood tweaks

Steve Moser has uncovered more of the internal changes Apple is making to iOS 15.5. It appears that none of them are significant, though.

We haven’t been able to identify any visual changes in iOS 15.5 beta 3 so far. We will update this article if we discover any visible features in this build. In the meantime, you can take a look at Apple’s official Release Notes — where the company has highlighted some of the known bugs and fixes.

Beta 2

Weather app tweaks

Weather app changes iOS 15.5 beta 2

iOS 15.5 beta 2 adds a more prominent Report an Issue button at the bottom of the Weather app. This allows you to improve weather services by describing the actual conditions in your location if the provided ones aren’t accurate.

Under-the-hood changes

As Steve Moser has shared on Twitter, iOS 15.5 beta 2 tweaks some of the wordings included in the system. They’re mostly under-the-hood changes that bring no notable improvements or changes to the table.

Beta 1

The first beta of iOS 15.5 mostly focuses on under-the-hood changes and prepares for upcoming features.

Apple Classical references

We’ve been hearing about Apple’s anticipated Classical music streaming app for a while now. The company acquired Primephonic last year, shut it down, and promised to release a standalone music app that revolves around the Classical genre. iOS 15.5 beta 1 includes references to this app, as highlighted in the tweet below.

Apple Cash buttons

Apple Cash Buttons iOS 15.5 beta 1

Credit: MacRumors

In the Wallet app, there are now two new buttons under the Apple Cash card. These allow you to quickly request or send money through the Apple Cash card.

Universal Control limitations

Apple mentions in its Release Notes that Universal Control on iPadOS 15.5 beta 1 is incompatible with that of macOS Monterey 12.3. To use this continuity feature, you will have to update your Mac to macOS 12.4 beta 1 or downgrade your iPad to iOS 15.4.

Are you testing iOS 15.5 beta on your iPhone, or do you prefer sticking to stable builds? Let us know in the comments section below.

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