What Android features do you want to see in iOS 15?

What Android features do you want to see in iOS 15?

Passionate iOS and Android fans are constantly bickering over which mobile OS is better. While the many differences between Android and iOS have fueled this unrelenting debate, both Google and Apple have clearly adopted key features for Android and iOS respectively from the other. Apple is set to preview the next version of iOS at WWDC 2021 next week, and we hope that iOS 15 takes a few cues from Android. What Android features are you hoping Apple announces for iOS 15?

A few years ago, Android got navigation gestures similar to iOS. Later on, Apple finally brought support for widgets in iOS 14, which we argue were implemented better than on Android. To settle the score, Google announced the most significant update to Android widgets in Android 12, adding support for responsive widgets — just like iOS 14. One might even argue that Android 12 is visually inspired by iOS what with the heavy dose of colors and rounded corners, but we’ll refrain from making a conclusion on who copied who.


Things iOS 15 could learn from Android

Back to iOS, there are definitely some areas where it can borrow from Android. Based on current rumors for iOS 15, iOS is likely to get a much cleaner notifications pane with different preferences for apps and profiles for when you are driving, sleeping, or busy at work. Additionally, iOS 15 is also rumored to get widgets with live updates, a better dark mode, and further improvements to the UI, including a better lock screen.

Privacy may also get a significant push with iOS 15. Like Android 12, iOS 15 might offer new ways to inform users when an app is silently collecting and using data from the user. In addition, a major overhaul to the home screen is coming with iPadOS 15, according to Bloomberg. But we don’t know yet if Apple will finally allow users to place app icons anywhere on the screen or if they will still restrict them.

In addition to these features, we hope Apple considers giving users more options to personalize their devices. The user interface on iOS is basically the same across all iPhones, but it’s time Apple makes things look less dull. On the other hand, Google is already doing that pretty well with its Material You design, which will allow Android 12 users to customize their Android’s theme to match their wallpaper.

Further, we also hope Apple announces improvements to Siri at WWDC 2021 to match the current and upcoming advancements in Google Assistant. Lastly, we hope Apple will give users a bit of freedom by allowing them to choose their preferred apps for things like web browsing or listening to music.

What else do you want to see from Apple for iOS 15? Let us know what you expect (and hope) to see at WWDC 2021!

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