Focus will let you filter your work tabs in Safari with iOS 16

Focus will let you filter your work tabs in Safari with iOS 16

Apple is bringing new capabilities to Focus in iOS 16, including the ability to filter certain content in apps to help you stay in your flow. Focus modes can also have specific wallpapers on the lock screen, alongside specific widgets tied to that focus mode.

The biggest news here is that you’ll be able to filter out content in apps so you only see what you need to at any given time. For example, in Safari, you’ll only be able to see your tabs related to your current focus mode, so you don’t get distracted by other things you might want to look at. For example, if you’re in a focus mode for work, you’ll only see work-related tabs, even if you have other tabs open. You’ll see something similar in the Mail app and iMessage, so you always stay in the flow of whatever you’re doing at that time.


Perhaps most importantly, Apple says it’s also working on an API for developers to be able to tie into the focus modes, too. This means third-party apps should also be able to filter content based on your focus mode, including third-party browsers, e-mail apps, or anything else.

An iPhone showing a lock screen switching interface with the currently selected lock screen tied to Personal focus

Aside from that, as mentioned, Apple is also making it possible to have a different lock screen for different focus modes in iOS 16. This should make it easy to identify when you have your phone set to a specific focus mode, but it can also make the lock screen more useful for a specific situation. You can choose different widgets to be assigned to different focus modes, so the information surfaced to you is more relevant. You can easily switch between focus modes by swiping up on the lock screen and changing to the lock screen tied to the focus mode you want to use.

This comes alongside some major changes to the lock screen itself, even outside of Focus. Apple also announced today that the lock screen is now more customizable with new style options and the ability to easily switch between different lock screens.

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