iOS devs can now create custom discount codes for their app

iOS devs can now create custom discount codes for their app

Every now and then, Apple adds new tools to its App Store Connect platform for developers to utilize. For example, the company started allowing them to create custom App Store product pages last month. The latest addition to the platform revolves around subscriptions and winning back users who have cancelled. iOS developers can finally create custom and one-time-use promo codes for subscriptions in their apps.

App Store Connect iOS promo codes

As 9to5Mac reports, Apple has announced on its Developer website that devs can finally create custom subscriptions codes, such as SPRINGPROMO. Prior to that, codes were randomly generated and could only be redeemed once. With custom discount codes, companies can now deploy a promo code more widely for users to take advantage of. It also makes it easier for users to memorize if they spot it somewhere, when compared to a random, alphanumerical code.


Now it’s even easier to acquire, retain, and win back subscribers. In addition to one-time-use codes, you can now create custom codes in App Store Connect — each with a unique name that you choose (such as SPRINGPROMO). Each code can be redeemed through a direct URL or within your app.

Developers can still take advantage of one-time-use codes — custom codes are only an optional addition. The company highlights the difference between the two and the operating system versions supporting them:

  • One-time use codes: Unique, alphanumeric offer codes. Redeemable on the App Store, though a direct URL, or within your app on iOS 14, or iPadOS 14 or later.
  • Custom codes: Custom offer codes that can be redeemed by multiple users (such as SPRING2021). Redeemable through a direct URL or within your app on iOS 14.1 or iPadOS 14 or later.

It’s worth mentioning, though, that each developer gets to offer up to 150,000 codes per quarter. To get started, head to Apple’s App Store Connect platform, and make sure you have a valid Developer subscription ($99/year) on your account.

Will you be taking advantage of custom promo codes to win back subscribers? Let us know in the comments section below.

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