New Android Emoji Are Coming, but You Can Get Them Now at XDA

New Android Emoji Are Coming, but You Can Get Them Now at XDA

With the iOS 9.1 release, Apple updated their emoji set to include 184 new emojis, making iOS the first mobile OS to include every emoji from the Unicode Standard. Because Android currently lacks these new emojis, it will fail to display the emoji should an iOS device send a message containing one. One reddit user realized this could cause an issue, and took to /r/Android to voice his complaints and to urge Google to quickly update Android. Rather than shouting into the wind on a forum thread, many users were directed to star the issue on the Android issue tracker to get Google’s attention. Well, it seems to have worked as the issue has prompted a direct response from Hiroshi Lockheimer, Senior Vice President of Android:

@lockheimer: So I have a feeling y’all want new emojis? a) Thanks for the feedback, b) We’re on it, and c) Sorry!

This is not the first time Google have reached out to their users through forums, last month a Google Security Engineer reached out to members here at XDA to discuss the problems with Android Pay and root. In any case, if you don’t want to wait for the next Android update to use these new emojis, XDA Recognized Developer DespairFactor has posted a flashable zip to install the new iOS emojis.

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