iOS users can now record GIFs directly in the Twitter app

iOS users can now record GIFs directly in the Twitter app

For the past few months, Twitter has been actively developing its platform and adding new features to enrich its service. Earlier this month, we learned that the company could be working on adding a Podcasts tab to its app. That’s not to mention the exclusive additions to Twitter Blue that land every now and then. The latest feature to make it to this social media service is exclusive to iPhone users for now. Twitter for iOS now supports recording GIFs directly through the app. This allows users to record their own reactions and tweet them instantly without needing to depend on third-party apps or services.


It’s not uncommon for Twitter (and other developers) to implement new features on iOS first. That’s because optimizing apps for iPhones is easier and not as time-consuming as doing so for the various Android phones. Once the company tests and polishes the feature, it’ll likely make it available on the Android version of the app.

iOS users can now record GIFs in the Twitter app

To access this feature on Twitter for iOS:

  • Make sure your Twitter app is up to date.
  • Launch the Twitter app.
  • Click on the tweet composer in the bottom right corner of the Home tab.
  • Tap on the camera inside the tweet composer.
  • Select GIF in the bottom bar.
  • Voila! Once you capture the GIF, you will be able to tweet it directly, after adding an optional caption to it.

Many Twitter users depend on GIF (pronounced as JIF, btw) reactions to express their thoughts or engage in ongoing conversations. Considering they can now directly record their own and post them hassle-free, we can expect users to become more creative and original with the way they react on the platform.

Do you plan to record and tweet your own GIFs? Let us know in the comments section below.

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