Some iPhone 13 users are having trouble connecting to Verizon’s 5G UW network

Some iPhone 13 users are having trouble connecting to Verizon’s 5G UW network

The iPhone 13 released only a few days ago, and Verizon had some pretty great deals. It seems, however, that some of those shiny new phones are having issues connecting to the carrier’s faster 5G network.

Multiple reports across Reddit indicate there’s some sort of issue with the 5G connection on the new iPhone 13 series. It could be any of a few possible issues.

First, and most likely, it could be your SIM card. Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network — or 5G UW for short — is the carrier’s branding for its faster but shorter range millimeter wave 5G network. It requires a newer 5G-compatible SIM card to connect to, and if your new iPhone 13 came with one, you should go online or call in to activate it, then use it with your new device. If you didn’t get a new SIM, stop by a store to get one or call to have one shipped. Alternatively, you can activate the internal eSIM on the device. T-Mobile previously had a similar issue, however your SIM would have needed to be much older in that case to require a new one, and it only affected 5G Standalone access.


Another possibility is a bug with Verizon’s line features. Some users on this Reddit thread say that having Verizon remove and re-add all the features to their plan, including the 5G UW feature, fixed the issue.

Finally, it could be a bug in Verizon’s approved devices database. Verizon has a database of compatible devices, and if your new iPhone managed to slip by without being added, it could be the issue. This is the most unlikely reason for having 5G UW connection issues, but it is still possible. To find out, use this online tool to check your IMEI. If it’s not there, call Verizon and have them fix it.

5G compatibility is still pretty new, so there’s bound to be some growing pains. That being said, missing out on the top-speed UW on your brand-new iPhone 13 is pretty frustrating.

A spokesperson for Verizon told us that the company is aware of this problem and are actively working on a fix.

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