Some iPhone 14 users are unable to AirDrop files to their contacts

Some iPhone 14 users are unable to AirDrop files to their contacts

Apple announced the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro two weeks ago. This high-end release is seemingly riddled with bugs, though. If you check our coverage from earlier today, you will notice a number of articles revolving around the issues some models are experiencing. Of course, the factors differ and not all users are complaining about the performance. Nonetheless, the reports include some pretty serious problems that we hope Apple fixes as soon as possible. A new report now shares yet another bug affecting this year’s iPhone. This time around, the glitch is seemingly present across all iPhone 14 models, not just Pro ones. Some iPhone 14 users are complaining about their inability to AirDrop files to their contacts. The good news, though, is that there is a workaround to get the feature to work.


The AirDrop bug on iPhone 14 models

Yes! Having the exact same issue. Tried to send my husband a photo earlier and it said it was connecting but his iPhone X did nothing. But if I enable “everyone” so he shows up as just anyone, it lets me send no problem. I can, however, Airdrop to my own devices. Just not contacts.

Contacted Apple today through support as Airdrop not working between the two new 14 PM. They has me reset carrier settings change to everyone instead of contacts and finally got it to work. The odd thing is the normal airdrop person emoji I would use doesn’t work, I have to be on “everyone” and then I can see my spouse’s phone under “other”. I tried sharing a password through Apple passwords and get a message stating the person isn’t in my contacts. I assume iCloud contacts are not matching possibly?

As certain readers on MacRumors have shared, you can get AirDrop to work on your iPhone 14 by changing the visibility from Contacts Only to Everyone. The option is available in both the Control Center and the General iPhone Settings. After you make the change, you should be able to normally AirDrop the selected file from your iPhone 14 to your friend’s device. The workaround seemingly doesn’t work with password sharing, though.

Considering that users have reached out to Apple Support, it’s safe to assume that the company is already working on a fix. After all, despite the existence of a workaround, this bug is relatively major. Many users depend on this technology to share files rapidly. It might not occur to unsuspecting or average iPhone 14 owners to change the AirDrop visibility settings to get it to work.

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Source: MacRumors

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