iPhone 14’s improved front camera reportedly costs three times more

iPhone 14’s improved front camera reportedly costs three times more

Rumors about the upcoming iPhone 14 series have been surfacing for a few months now. For starters, we know that the lineup will possibly drop the Mini variant and adopt a regular (non-Pro) Max model. Additionally, reports hint that Apple could introduce a hole-punch and pill design on the Pro models, not to mention a faster chip. The latest whispers to travel across our online realm revolve around the iPhone 14’s front camera system. The selfie camera will reportedly get a notable upgrade and cost Apple three times more.

LG Innotek is slated to benefit greatly. Following the rear-facing camera, they have now emerged as a key supplier for front cameras. They are expected to make trillions in sales just from iPhone 14 front camera orders alone.

According to a new report, the Cupertino tech giant will be switching from Chinese front camera manufacturers to a South Korean one. The report shares that Apple is classifying iPhone 14’s front camera as high-end rather than low-end. As a result, it will be switching to LG Innotek’s products to cater to the new lineup’s advanced needs. Originally, the company had been planning to make this shift on the iPhone 15 (2023). However, it was seemingly facing quality issues when dealing with Chinese front camera manufacturers. This pushed it to hurry and make the move for this year’s release to avoid front camera quality problems.


The iPhone 14 will potentially support autofocus (AF) on the front camera. This upgrade — in addition to other possible ones — could cost Apple three times more, when compared to previous models. Whether the company notably raises the price of the iPhone 14 to balance out this additional expense remains unclear for the time being.

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Source: etnews

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