The iPhone 14 no longer comes with a SIM slot in the US

The iPhone 14 no longer comes with a SIM slot in the US

Apple has just announced the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro during its Far Out keynote today, and with it came some big news for customers in the United States. iPhones have supported eSIMs for a while now, but now, the iPhone 14 is dropping support for physical SIM cards in the US, meaning there will no longer be a SIM card slot. This aligns with previous reports that Apple would be pushing harder for eSIMs, but the removal of physical SIM support altogether may come as a shock to some.

Electronic SIMs, or eSIMs, allow you to connect to a cellular network without needing a physical card that you insert into the phone. They have some benefits, starting with the convenience of not having to swap cards, which requires a SIM removal tool. You can technically have multiple SIM profiles on a single phone, so switching between cellular plans becomes easier. It can also be beneficial for security since your SIM can’t be stolen by someone else.


However, it also means you may not be able to change the SIM card easily, which can be inconvenient if you’re traveling. It’s not uncommon for travelers to buy a local SIM in the country they’re traveling to, allowing them to stay connected without the restrictions that sometimes come with roaming. If you live in the US and you plan to travel to a place where eSIMs aren’t as prominent, you may have trouble finding a local carrier.

Apple specifically mentioned this change for the United States, so it’s unclear if other markets will see a similar change. If not, it makes this change all the more interesting, as Apple is essentially acknowledging that certain countries aren’t ready for eSIM adoption just yet.

Of course, Apple is no stranger to controversial changes that cause some discomfort at first. The removal of the headphone jack was initially mocked in 2017, but now, most flagship phones don’t include it. We wouldn’t be surprised if the same ends up happening with eSIMs.

    The iPhone 14 comes with the fast Apple A15 Bionic chip and a significantly improved camera system.
    The iPhone 14 Pro is packing the brand-new Apple A16 processor and it features the new Dynamic Island cutout at the top of the screen. The cameras have also been significantly improved.

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