iPhone 14 Pro’s Always-On Display disables itself when you don’t need it

iPhone 14 Pro’s Always-On Display disables itself when you don’t need it

Apple revealed the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro during its Far Out event last week. This year, the focus was on the Pro and Pro Max models — which offer all of the exciting upgrades. The regular variants have indeed received some bumps, but they’re in no way as thrilling. Most notably, the iPhone 14 Pro now supports the Always-On Display (AOD) feature and introduces Apple’s Dynamic Island. For the unfamiliar, the latter feature takes advantage of the new hole and pill cutouts to display system alerts in a very smooth manner. The AOD feature also comes with a few innovative spins that prove yet again that when Apple arrives late to a party, it’s usually for valid reasons that are worth it.


iPhone 14 Pro’s Always-On Display automations

We already know that the iPhone 14 Pro’s Always-On Display automatically turns off under certain conditions. These include the user putting the iPhone in their pocket or turning it face-down on a surface. A new Felixba report reveals that this smart automation goes beyond just these two conditions.

Apparently, if an Apple Watch user leaves their iPhone 14 Pro behind in a room, the Always-On Display feature will also automatically disable itself. This automation likely uses proximity data from the Apple Watch and aims at saving the iPhone’s battery life. Such a neat implementation, despite being relatively insignificant, only proves how powerful Apple products can get when paired together. A user might not buy an Apple Watch for this automation exclusively. However, when you take into consideration auto Mac unlock, Face ID bypass, and other similar features, they truly add up.

The iPhone 14 Pro starts at $999 in the U.S. It’s already available to pre-order, and it’ll start shipping to customers on September 16.

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Source: Felixba

Via: MacRumors

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