iPhone Concepts Are Ridiculous

iPhone Concepts Are Ridiculous

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Every year we see a flood of new videos featuring an “iPhone Concept” created by some random person on the internet. While the concept is rarely based on any sort of facts or technological possibility, the flashy video will be picked up by tech blogs and given the title “Could this be the next iPhone?” No it can’t. Rawad tackles the issue in this new XDA TV video.

For the past 6 years or so, without fail, I have had at least one of my friends get overly excited by the new holographic keyboard that will be featured in the new iPhone. It seems every year, the same concept videos start making their rounds. We might get a 3D endless display, a 5K screen, wireless charging,  an invisible glass back… Just look at some of these concept renderings.

Transparent-iPhone-5 New-iPhone-7-concepts-b Three-Sided-iPhone-6-Concept-2iphone_concept

Now you or I might look at this and think “Obviously these aren’t real.” But so many people think they are. They share these videos on facebook and they get millions of views. That’s why these videos are made. The artist that created the concept video often details specs on the “New iPhone” that are completely ridiculous. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. These videos are not made to share an actual render that might be based on actual possibilities. They are made purely to trick the audience into thinking they are real, to get those millions of YouTube views.