Which iPhone X Features Should Come to Future Honor Phones?

Which iPhone X Features Should Come to Future Honor Phones?

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In many markets around the world, obtaining an iPhone is something that is still that is very difficult and expensive. People want the features and refinement of an iPhone (which wasn’t possible to obtain with an Android not too long ago, but now is thanks to OEMs like Samsung, HTC, OnePlus, and many others, we have Android phones that match or exceed the quality of the iPhone), without having to pay what Apple is charging. This is why you see so many overseas companies implementing iPhone features, and even the external iPhone design, into their phones.

As Honor continues to evolve and bring better phones to the market, we wondered what iPhone X features should be implemented into their devices, since Honor is known for bringing flagship-level fit and finish and features at good prices. The essence of iPhone can be first seen in the Honor 8, with a design that should be satisfactory to anyone who is a fan of the look of the iPhone 6.

The Honor 8 (2016) captured the spirit of the iPhone 6 with the metallic bezel and rounded corners.

The EMUI system is loaded with many features that add to the Android OS. Now it’s time for fans of the Honor series to give their two cents. Are there any features from the iPhone X that you’d like to see in future Honor phones- or maybe in an update to EMUI? Let us know in the comments. Honor cares about what their users want and they pay close attention to the community, so now is your chance to be heard!