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Lay back and relax as the Roomba 692 vacuums your house for $199 only

Lay back and relax as the Roomba 692 vacuums your house for $199 only

It’s Thanksgiving Eve, the guests have left, and you’re lazily sitting on the couch staring at the mess you have to start cleaning — eventually. If only there was someone — or something — out there to collect those pie crumbs sitting on the floor, as you wind down. Well, we have some good news for you! iRobot’s Black Friday deals are already live, a day early. You can now save $101 on the Roomba 692 and own it for $199, while it’s still in stock. This smol, helpful robot will roam your house, vacuum the floors, and return to its dock to recharge automatically. Yes, that’s right — you won’t even need to plug this little fella in. It’s a strong, independent bot that needs no human.

    This helpful robot will automatically vacuum your house and recharge on its own. For a limited time only, you can own one for $199.

You can use Alexa, Google Assistant, or the mobile app to schedule the daily cleaning hours of this handy house addition. Once done, it’ll roam and collect dust, debris, and dirt, as instructed. Whether you’ve got hard floors, carpets, or a mix of both, this digital elf (of sorts) will adapt accordingly in an automatic manner. Gone are the days of spending hours on sweeping and vacuuming your entire house. The Roomba 692 will learn from your habits and offer personalized cleaning shifts.

This seemingly-dumb machine is actually pretty smart and is equipped with survival instincts. Thanks to its sensors and cliff-detection, it should never end up falling down the stairs and breaking itself. It’ll also try its best to avoid furniture, people, and fur babies. The Roomba always finds a way! When it comes to battery life, this convenient, electronic pet will run for up to 90 minutes. Afterwards it will find its way back to the dock and recharge itself. You will never have to worry about plugging it in or dealing with a — God forbid — dead Roomba.

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