Is Blokada Safe?

Is Blokada Safe?

You can download and install the latest Blokada APK on your Android device now. But you might be wondering if it is safe to do this. Blokada is an ad-block app that disables intrusive ads on your Android device. To get the app for your phone, you’ll have to download and sideload the APK file. This means you’ll be installing an app outside of the Google play store, which sometimes has security risks. Use the installation instructions below, and you’ll be able to safely install Blokada without risking the security of your device. Make sure you download the Blokada APK from the official website.

What is Blokada?

Blokada is a powerful Android app that blocks ads, trackers, malware and more. The Blokaka project was started in 2016 by developers Karol Gusak. The goal was to help Android users block intrusive ads and trackers that suck up your data and invade your privacy. This project started right here on XDA and quickly grew to one of the most popular ad-blocking Android apps.

Blokada ad blocker

Blokada as block enabled

Blokada blocked trackers

Today Blokaka continues to be a powerful and effective ad-block solution. New features have made their way onto the app like a VPN service, DNS, and app control.

Blokada is very popular among Android TV users, with its ability to block the ads that are common with streaming services. The app will work on any device that runs android. Blokada is updated frequently by its dedicated developers.

How to Safely Install the Official APK

By default, Android will block the installation of non-Play store APKs. They do this to prevent any malicious apps from being installed under your nose. So first we will tell android to allow apps from unknown sources. To do this, go to Settings > Security > Unknown sources

Next, you’ll want to download the latest version APK and install it like normal.

Download the latest Blokada APK

Select the file after the download is complete

Install the app

Now you should have successfully installed Blokada from the APK on their website.