Is Google Fi a Money-Saving Option?

Is Google Fi a Money-Saving Option?

In the world of cellular service providers, massive companies like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and others will end up being the sources of massive monthly bills. Google Fi is meant for people who want to leave the world of contracts, upgrade, overages, massive bills, and long holds on customer service. Their cellular plan is designed to be extremely simple. Everything is done through the Google Fi app. Your sim card gets sent you you in the mail, you activate it on your own phone, and you pay for what you use. It’s that simple.

For single line users, your flexible plan starts at $20 a month for call and texting, with $10 per GB of data. See all the flexible plan prices for multi-line plans here.


Last year around this time, Google made some improvements to Google Fi, their MVNO service. The company opened it up to many more devices and rebranded the service. Now, Google is adding a new unlimited plan.

The new Unlimited plan offers unlimited calls, texts, and data starting at $70 per month for one line. For multiple lines, it costs $60 per line for 2, $50 for 3, and $45 for 4-6. The plan also covers free data and SMS in 200 countries. As an added bonus, Google is throwing in a Google One membership with 100GB of storage. Google also mentions that data speeds are slowed down after you pass 22GB per person.

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Google Fi is absolutely a money-saving option. You should always try to limit the amount of contracts you have in your life, and a cellular plan just does not justify signing a contract. Say goodbye to store-visits, arguing with customer service, and mystery fees on your account. Google Fi is the future of  service providers and it’s time to switch.

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