It’s Time to Get Paranoid, because AOSPA is Back

It’s Time to Get Paranoid, because AOSPA is Back

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Back in my Galaxy Nexus days, there was only one Custom ROM I ever found myself fully satisfied with. That ROM was none other than Paranoid Android. The ROM brought unique features most other ROMs lacked, providing an amazing user experience.

Earlier today, the team responsible for this classic of the custom ROM scene made a public announcement that they were returning with Paranoid Android 2016. They are relaunching the AOSPA ROM and making sure to bring us the best possible experience by having a new just about everything.

Some of the new ROM features include their custom Quick Settings tile reordering functionality. A user can reorder the tiles by simply long pressing them, remove them by dropping them in the trash bin and add them back in from the add panel. Hidden tiles will be out of the way until you decide you need them, and can be used from the add panel if you decide you need them.

Making a return is floating window. A window can be put in floating mode by either long pressing a notification and tapping the floating button or by tapping the floating button for the application in the recents list. Heads up notifications can also be opened in floating mode by enabling the following peek tile.

Other features include immersive mode, the new on-the-spot interface, and CM theme engine. There are a variety of improvements to CAF devices (OnePlus, OPPO and others) which add custom kernels, advanced gesture and buttons control and more to add a unique experience on the supported devices.

The current line up of devices to receive Paranoid Android 2016 are popular Nexus devices (6P, 5X, 6, 5, 4, 7 2013, 9) and the OnePlus family (One, 2, X) along with some Sony devices. The team states they are releasing to these devices to ensure the best possible experience on the devices they do support. In their words, “No compromises, pure greatness.”

Are you excited for the return of Paranoid Android? Let us know by dropping in with a comment down below.