iWork update brings new features for Keynote, Pages, and Numbers

iWork update brings new features for Keynote, Pages, and Numbers

Apple has updated its iWork suite, bringing several new features across Keynote, Pages, and Numbers. In a press release, the Cupertino giant announced the new changes, which were made available to everyone on the spot. While some features are iOS 15 or macOS Monterey exclusive, users on older versions can still take advantage of some of the new goods.

What’s new

New macOS icons

iwork updated macos icons

The new iWork update, version number 11.2, brings refreshed macOS icons that are similar to those on iOS. Some users had questioned the logic behind the icons that were introduced with macOS 11 Big Sur. So Apple has listened to user feedback and switched to iOS-like icons with extra depth to match the new macOS feel.


Quick translation support in iOS 15 and macOS 12

Apple iWork update translate

Users running the latest versions of Apple operating systems will be able to use quick translations. Just select text inside iWork apps to translate content to the desired target language.

Better presenting tools in Keynote

Apple iWork update multi-presenter

Version 11.2 of Keynote makes remote lecturing and presenting easier than ever. Apple has made it possible to access your device’s camera and integrate a live video stream into the presented keynote. This makes explaining things more natural and immersive to the audience.

Additionally, you can share your iPhone or iPad screen so you can do a live demo. And if you’re collaborating on a presentation with other people, whether you’re in the same room or not, you will all be able to control the slides.

Screen View in Pages, optimized for iPhone

The new Pages version brings a feature called Screen View. When toggled, Pages will shrink documents into a single-column view, making it easier to view multi-column files on the small iPhone screen.

Radar charts in Numbers

Apple iWork update radar

The latest update to Numbers makes keeping track of data a simpler task. Apple describes the feature as:

Radar charts are a new chart type that makes it easy to visually compare multiple variables with similarities shown as overlapping areas, allowing differences and outliers to really stand out.

For additional details, check out Apple’s press release.

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