Jaguaralani’s Boot Animations – Now for the HD2!

Jaguaralani’s Boot Animations – Now for the HD2!

The original release of XDA member jaguaralani‘s set of boot animations for WVGA devices, was very exciting as it brought some very interesting designs and new ideas to the table. Recently, jaguaralani updated his collection, so that they can be used on the HTC HD2. This is a much longed-for update, which is sure to please many users.

The most interesting designs include a rotating globe, a bomb-like countdown timer, and a looping fire effect. To go with the latter, jaguaralani has also provided a fire sound effect to put the ‘blazing’ into the already ‘blazing fast’ HD2.

Also included, are sophisticated and well-rendered animations, which are themed on the boot sequences of Windows PCs.

You can find all of the updated animations for the HD2 in this thread, while the originals remain in this thread.

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