Founder and Main Developer of TeamVenom ROMs Jan D Leaving ROM Development

Founder and Main Developer of TeamVenom ROMs Jan D Leaving ROM Development

If you own an HTC flagship device, like the HTC U11 or the HTC 10, you probably know by now that TeamVenom ROMs are some of the most beloved projects currently available in our XDA forums. These ROMs, which are exclusively developed for HTC devices, bring stable, snappy and feature filled Sense-based software for HTC flagships, with development for it also serving as leverage for the bring-up of other, bigger ROMs like LineageOS. Today, however, is a sad day for fans of TeamVenom ROMs as Jan D, known inside our forums as XDA Recognized Developer j to the 4n, has decided to step down from Venom/Viper development as a whole after finally releasing a stable Android Oreo ROM for the HTC U11.

Jan D states that he’ll be spending time with his family instead, since ROM development pretty much consumes the little free time he has. He also cites a couple of secondary reasons, the first of which is the toxic community surrounding Venom/Viper ROMs, which have made developing ROMs more of a burden than a pastime. Additionally, the decreasing userbase and download count, which has gone from over 50.000 downloads during its prime to just over 1.000, isn’t much of an incentive either. This decrease seems to be directly tied to¬†HTC’s low sales and dwindling influence. Jan also cites other minor reasons, including stock ROMs getting better, the MagiskSafetyNet cat-and-mouse game, and more.

TeamVenom ROMs are not necessarily being abandoned, at least for the time being, as TeamVenom still has a lot of talent associated with the project’s development — including XDA Recognized Developer / Recognized Contributor topjohnwu, of Magisk fame. While we’re definitely sad to see Jan go, he put a lot of effort into making some of the best Sense-based ROMs, and we wish him the best!

Source: TeamVenom

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