Quo Vadis, Open {Source, Standards, World}? w/ Jan Wildeboer – XDA:DevCon 2014

Quo Vadis, Open {Source, Standards, World}? w/ Jan Wildeboer – XDA:DevCon 2014

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Open Source was a big topic at this year’s XDA:DevCon 2014 in Manchester, UK. For those who were not able to make it, we will be releasing another session for you to enjoy. Today, we offer a video talking about Open Source from Jan Wildeboer. This topic was also covered by Alin Jerpelea’s session: AOSP For Sony Devices: Past, Present and Future

Wildeboer is an Open Source veteran since 1993, developer, tinkerer, society hacker and Red Hat’s EMEA Evangelist. A lobbyist for more Open everywhere. He admits he is a transnational citizen with an agenda. But still a nice chap full of positive energy and a thirst for knowledge. His presentation is entitled, Quo Vadis, Open {Source, Standards, World}?

Wildeboer talks about “the Open Source Way” and how it is becoming default everywhere. He claims we have won, but that opens a can of worms. He asks, “What is the Next Big Thing, if such a thing exists at all?” And how good is Open really doing? Is the Android ecosystem open, or is it just piggy-backing “The Open Source Way” because it helps? Wildeboer, Red Hat’s EMEA Evangelist shares his provocative observations and invites you to join a journey from the past to today and beyond to find out if and how Open is needed on Mobile.

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