JCase: “Verizon Pixel Phone May Not Be Bootloader Unlockable”

JCase: “Verizon Pixel Phone May Not Be Bootloader Unlockable”

We are just mere moments away from the launch of the Google Pixel phones, hoping for Google to settle whatever is left of the mystery once and for all. We do know that the devices will be coming to Verizon, but the extent of Verizon influence has remained unknown other than suggestions of it being SIM-locked.

XDA Senior Recognized Developer jcase took to his personal Twitter account to give some insight on what the Verizon influence possibly include.

Based on test firmware, jcase mentions that the Verizon based Pixel devices will not be bootloader unlockable. This statement is based on the prerelease bootloader, but jcase is not a complete 100% sure of this, as often things change by the time of release. The Verizon Pixel has had different firmware packages than the Google Pixel, further fueling doubts on the status of its bootloader. Pixel phones also do not have a traditional recovery partition, with the recovery being inside the boot.img and mostly unused.

The locked bootloader status is likely to be restricted to only the Verizon models (if at all it is locked). So as jcase recommends, if you care about ease of root, either purchase the devices unlocked, or wait for more information and confirmation. With the devices being mere minutes away from launch, we should know more sooner rather than later.

Update: Evan ‘evleaks’ Blass has further added on to this news:

While still technically a rumor, Evan has been spot on with his leaks on the Pixel and other phones as well. With Jcase making the original statement and Evan backing it up, we’re inclined to believe that the bootloader will be indeed locked.

Image Credits: @evleaks

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