Jide Announces Remix Singularity: The Continuum Alternative for Android

Jide Announces Remix Singularity: The Continuum Alternative for Android

The smartphones we carry in our pockets are a far cry from the initial smartphones that started out a few years ago. We hold a lot more computing power in our hands than we have ever before. Modern day smartphones easily suffice the basic needs of normal consumers, especially with the rise of cloud computing. With smartphones now becoming ubiquitous, they have become the primary means of accessing the internet for a vast majority of the population.

With the greatness of current smartphones, companies have been looking at ways at harnessing this power to meet simple desktop needs. Microsoft has been in the limelight for their announced Continuum feature, which allows Windows 10 smartphones to plug into a desktop setup and offer an enhanced productivity experience than what is possible with smartphones and their tiny screens and lack of peripherals.

On the Android side of things, Jide has just announced their own attempt at this converged desktop experience. Dubbed Remix Singularity, this approach is similar to Microsoft’s Continuum but leverages Jide’s own experience with Android as a desktop OS.

The premise is pretty simple here: You have an Android device with Remix OS for Mobile loaded on as the OS. You can use this OS as you would your traditional Android smartphone. But the fun starts when you connect the device with a monitor and peripherals, whereby the device starts working in PC mode. You get a skinned Android on Desktop experience which emulates a more traditional desktop with the presence of a taskbar, a start menu and free-form floating windows. The device in PC Mode starts off exactly where you left on your phone, and switching back to phone is as smooth of an experience as plug, play and go is for PC Mode.

And if you want an “Android on TV” experience, you can simply switch to TV Mode by plugging it into a monitor without peripherals.

Remix Singularity is coming out in the second half of 2017. Jide is looking for OEM partners to sell phones that support Remix Singularity out-of-the-box, but as The Verge notes in their report, Remix OS will continue to be available for free download on supported devices. Remix Singularity will enjoy benefits of Android apps as does Remix OS, so it starts off in a good position of not having to worry about the existence of an app ecosystem that competitors like Ubuntu had to endure.

You can know more about Remix Singularity on Jide’s website.

What are your thoughts on Remix Singularity? Would you like to see Android on Desktop to become popular? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Jide Story Via: The Verge

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