Jide: Remix is Now GPL and Apache Compliant

Jide: Remix is Now GPL and Apache Compliant

As frequent readers know GPL is very important to both the staff and members of XDA

When it was discovered that Remix, an OS that has been making headlines recently for bringing multi-window Android to PC and Mac was not compliant with GPL and Apache we immediately called them to find out the details and how they were responding. This phone call revealed that they were working hard to meet compliance and today a Jide spokesperson has made the following statement.

“At Jide, we take all open source licensing protocols very seriously and aim to abide by all established conventions. As such, please see our responses to both claims with regards to any breach of our commitment to adhering to open source licensing standards.


As has been reported, Remix OS Flash Tool is indeed built on the open source UNetbootin. To ensure that we are fully compliant with GPL, we have already pushed out the source code of our tool to the public. You may check it out here: https://github.com/jide-opensource/remixos-usb-tool.


Remix OS for PC is built based on the Android-x86 project with their full consent. We have clearly acknowledged and credited the project on our website – http://www.jide.com/en/remixos-for-pc.

Based on the information listed on the Android-x86 website (link), it was our understanding that Android-x86 was an open source project based only on the Apache License. However, we have since discovered that some of the files from the project are under GPL license and so we will be opening our code modifications up to the public with immediate effect, to ensure that we are fully compliant with GPL. All open source code can be found here – https://github.com/jide-opensource

In addition, any other changes to open source code, such as those that are kernel-based, will be released to the public community as quickly as possible. To ensure that there is no uncertainty, we will also have a disclaimer included in our next release package that states details of our compliance.

Everyone at the company is extremely passionate about building software and we were very excited to unveil to the community what we have been able to create with the support of Huang and the Android-x86 project. Remix OS for PC is still in the early stages of development, and in this time we ask for your support and feedback to create an OS that we can all be proud of.”

This is not the first time a product has launched without being GPL compliant and will almost certainly not be the last, many companies have also taken a considerable amount of time to address compliance infringements if at all. Even Motorola has become well known for GPL infringement. The way and speed in which Jide has responded to the community in this important matter gives us hope that they are here to stay. We look forward to seeing what comes next for the company.

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