Organize Your Apps Better with JINA

Organize Your Apps Better with JINA

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We’ve all been there at one point or another. You take out your device to open an app to look for something and you find yourself wasting about a minute fumbling through hundreds of installed apps in your device while frantically swiping up, down, left, and right in order to find the app you set out to find. This is just one instance and if you are a busy individual, the likelihood of this happening several times a day is quite high. There are alternatives that have come with the evolution of Android such as the use of folders, multiple desktop environments, and even some launchers which come with the ability to categorize your apps either alphabetically, by installation date or by whichever way you feel (your own personal version of random). However, many of these lack one basic function, which is the ability to simply search for an app. XDA Forum Member bambapin has taken this missing concept and lumped it with a metric ton of extra functionality.

JINA (Just Installed Apps Organizer–yes, for those of you with OCD… the “O” is silent) tackles the “no way to search” issue by adding a nice, and very functional search option which includes a T9 search option as well as a full search as well. Having said that, the app also uses many more attributes of different kinds to sort apps as well. You will find that JINA can categorize your apps as being paid or free, split them by type (apps, games, etc), and by audience target (lifestyle, business, etc). But wait, there’s more! The app can also keep track of various different stats such as number of installations, budget for apps (ie how much money you have spent on apps), how often you use them (and can categorize them as “most used”, most recently used”, “less used”, etc), and it can even organize the apps based on where they come from. Yes, you can now separate the ones from the Google Play Store from the ones in the Amazon Store if you don’t like to have them all lumped into a single app mess.

JINA has several other tracking and categorizing options available to it as well, but we will let you find out the entire repertoire. The dev has stated that the app is still in early development stages, which means that if you have a good idea that could aide this app and make it even better, now is the chance to get your voice heard.

is an auto apps organizer and a quick apps finder with a T9 search option.

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