JML Today Updated

JML Today Updated

The default 6.5 home screen called Titanium does not get many tweaks, but here’s one that brings your information in big words. The theme was created by JMHL, who has managed to get all the HTC sense features in the faster loading and smoother (if you do not have a 1Ghz processor) User Interface.

FixPack V5.76

  • Fix JMLCalendar multiple process bugs
  • JMLCalendar little faster
  • Fix MSN Map bug
  • Add phone signal strength notification and registry keys. (@NEO130)
  • Ram/Rom registry keys as String value (@abc001)

Changelog Version 5.70 :
JMLPanex v2.50 required

  • skins Multi-Resolution (i hope)
  • new notifications managment (JMLWinToday.exe background process) for best response time
  • new appointments notification (Replace CHome appointment notification = 2 days only)
  • new contacts notification (auto-update anniversaries on Page5)
  • fix Private.txt event bug (@benno1)
  • add SMS.txt file for sending predifined text-SMS.
  • add isBatteryVeryCritical registry key and if Battery < critical_value (defined in .ini) -> switch OFF Bluetooth and Wifi
  • add ‘Rdv2’ register key to display 2 appointments on 1st Page (@benno1)
  • add RamFree, RamPNG, RamSize, RamPercent registry keys
  • add RomFree, RomPNG, RomSize, RomPercent registry keys
  • add SystemPNG and SystemVal (Battery% + Ram%) registry keys (with 6 state-pictures in ‘sys’ folder)
  • and much more in the thread

This is the most improved Titanium theme, and can be found in its thread

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