Speed Up Deodexing with JoelDroid Batch Deodexer

Speed Up Deodexing with JoelDroid Batch Deodexer

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Android 5.0 Lollipop brings many under-the-hood changes like changing the default compiler from Dalvik to ART, and compressed system images. These changes are extremely relevant to power users and developers, as many projects have to be re-written for Android 5.0 compatibility.

One aspect of our beloved OS that survived all these changes and is still available in Android is Odex. If you haven’t heard about Odex, you must have been living under the rock for the last few years. Odex is the file format of used to store preliminary load information for APK files. Odexed ROMs are loading significantly faster and use less space. While this sounds super awesome, Odex isn’t as good for aftermarket developers as it is for users. System application distributed in such a manner are difficult to modify, so developers often decide to convert them before applying any modifications.

Not too long ago, we talked about Oat2dex converter being available for Lollipop ROMs. Deodexing many apps has been a tedious work, because they had to be processed one by one. XDA Senior Member joeldroid decided to go one step further and created a batch script to deodex files in batches. This sounds a bit awkward but this script can deodex files in just few seconds without entering long commands.

As for requirements, you need to have a Java variable available in your PATH, so the script can access it easily. The script keeps the file structure, so you can just copy and paste the applications to the relevant folder.

Head over to the JoelDroid Lollipop Batch Deodexer forum thread to get the required files and learn more about this utility.