Join the NEXT-IMAGE 2020 in HUAWEI Community! Win $10K USD

Join the NEXT-IMAGE 2020 in HUAWEI Community! Win $10K USD

Participation on Huawei Community Sub-arena

  1. The Huawei Community (including its local sites) will be one of the official platforms for participants to submit entries. The submissions on the community are equally effective as they are on the Next-Image official website, so please avoid repeated submissions.
  2. The entries can only be captured with a Huawei or Honor device, and may only have been graphically edited using a Huawei or Honor phone (editing on third-party applications is accepted).
  3. No more than 30 entries are accepted from one participant. If one participant submits more than 30 entries, the earliest 30 entries will be counted as contestant entries, while the rest will not compete in the contest.
  4. The community (global site) will select 20 entries*3 (4 for each category) to submit to the contest committee for the next round of evaluation. Once you are selected, the community admin will contact you through the community’s private messages.
  5. The final evaluation will be done by the NEXT-IMAGE Awards 2020 committee, and the result will be announced on NEXT-IMAGE Awards 2020 official site*4.
  6. The 20 global community sub-arena champions will be given exclusive community prizes, regardless of the final evaluation results. The rest of the contest prizes will be sent out by the committee. 7. For more contest rules and FAQs, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the contest and the FAQ at the end of this

Category details:

  1. Near Far: Discovering new places and new experiences by using the new features of your phone’s camera, for instance, telephoto, super-wide-angle or macro-shooting lens. Good Night: Capturing fun moments in low light. Hello, Life!: Sharing the emotion or inspiration in everyday experiences. Faces: Experimenting with identity and the power of portraiture of you yourself, her/him/it, or them. Storyteller: Sequencing 3 to 9 photos to tell a story, to express the emotion, to record the changes, or to find a trend.
  2. The final contest prize winners will be determined and rewarded by the Next-Image contest committee. The community will decide and give out community championship prize only.
  3. The selection of the 20 next-round candidates will be done by the community team including the admins and official designers and the evaluation will be based on the entries’ aesthetic feeling, creativity, social value, and relevance to the Contest theme. The Huawei Community adnub team reserves the right of explanation on the champion selections.
  4. The official website of the NEXT-IMAGE Awards 2020:

Click here to visit the Gallery to share your best work and see all participants’ great submissions!

When submitting your work, make sure you read carefully the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement on the submit page to avoid confusion. During the contest, if you have new questions, you can check the FAQs, or read the Terms & Conditions again for the contest.


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