Join XDA at Droidcon UK & London Hack Weekend!

Join XDA at Droidcon UK & London Hack Weekend!

The largest Android developer conference in Europe is once again almost upon us as Droidcon UK returns to the Business Design Centre in London and XDA is sponsoring the conference. The event is a great opportunity to meet some of the biggest names in the industry, listen to some inspiring talks, enter to win loads of prizes and ask any questions you may have for the XDA staff, this year we will also be joined at the booth by staff from Honor. Attending the event for XDA this year are:

The event will be a lot of fun as always and with some great prizes up for grabs including Nextbit Robins and Aukey accessories be sure to drop by the XDA booth between talks. You can find the full programme here and just a few of the talks here:

Keynote: VR and AR – Technologies 40,000 years in the making

“Virtual and Augmented reality are at once both sparkly brand new, and descendants of humanity’s most ancient arts. Google’s Chief Game Designer will bring some perspective to the origins of these technologies, why they matter to us in terms of evolution and storytelling, and give an overview of how Google is now supporting them with tech like Android N, Tango, Daydream, and Spotlight Stories.”


Android Application Security, The Right Way

“In this talk you will discover the typical attack surfaces of an Android application. We cover the importance of code protection, implementing secure coding practices, strong crypto implementations, executing in a secure environment and hardening network communications. You will walk away with best practices and common pitfalls to create secure applications.”


Optimising apps built for the next billion users

“More users are unable to make it through the day on one full charge on their device and have to rely on their battery packs. Battery consumption, which is a side effect of sub optimal usage of resources, is quickly becoming one of the main reasons why applications are being uninstalled by users.

In developing nations where the next billions user are, things like network conditions and types of devices available are quite different when compared to developed nations. One has to factor in aggressive optimisation techniques to ensure that consumption of resources is kept low.”


Building a framework with Clean Architecture

“The complexity of many Android apps are already surpassing that which was previously only the domain of desktop and enterprise software. Gone are the days of the simple app which just acts as a thin layer on top of your backend (well for us it is at least). We’ve grown to expect features such as offline support where in some cases complex business logic must be handled client side. It’s become clear that you need architectures to match this complexity. While there have been many attempts to solve this challenge, over the last couple of years, the concept of Clean Architecture has gotten more and more attention in the Android developer community.”

Droidcon London Hack Weekend

But the fun doesn’t end there! Even after the talks have ended there is still plenty to get involved with as the Droidcon London Hack Weekend begins. Running from Friday 28th till Sunday 30th at CodeNode, the annual Android hackathon gives you a chance to take part in team challenges for some great prizes, while getting the chance to try out the latest tech and learn a thing or two. Entry is free, all you have to do is register here.

Are you attending Droidcon UK this year? Leave a comment below!

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