Are You Looking For Chance To Be On XDA TV?

Are You Looking For Chance To Be On XDA TV?

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Are you looking for a place to make cool videos about mobile technology?  The XDA TV YouTube channel is looking for one or two talented fans who are interested in making videos for the channel. Watch the video below to learn more from TK Bay about joining the XDA TV crew.

To be eligible, you need only a few things: A decent smartphone or camera to film with, the ability to record good audio and video and edit them in software, and a good environment to film in. If you are interested in joining the XDA TV crew, you can apply via the Google Form below. We’ll need to see a sample video, though, so we can get a sense of where you’re currently at in terms of video production skills. The sample needs to only be 30 seconds to 1 minute long. Each entry will be reviewed by us so we can pick the best creators.

We are just looking for one or two fans who are passionate about Android and modding your devices to join the team. You can check out our XDA TV channel below to see the type of content we currently post. If you think you can make it, take a shot at it and apply.

Google Form to apply for XDA TV

XDA TV Channel