Jolla Tablet Announced: The Second Sailfish OS Device

Jolla Tablet Announced: The Second Sailfish OS Device

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A little over a year ago, Jolla released its first smartphone with the brand new Jolla Sailfish OS. Despite quite a good amount of hype surrounding the phone, its sales were rather low. The Jolla team didn’t give up, and they announced their second device. This time, it’s a tablet that can easily compete with top devices produced by Apple and Google–at least, this appears to be the case, given its hardware specifications.

The 7.85” Jolla Tablet will ship with a 64-bit quad core Intel CPU, 32 GB of internal storage, 2 gigs of RAM and two cameras: 5 MP rear and 2 MP front. Hardware isn’t everything, as Jolla has prepared a second version of its open-source Sailfish OS. It’s a Linux-based mobile operating system developed by Jolla in cooperation with the Mer project and supported by the Sailfish Alliance. Sailfish OS uses parts of Android which makes it fully compatible with Android specific applications and games. Sailifish OS 2.0 will bring enhancements in user interface, stability and security, to make it quite interesting alternative to Android, which slowly closed parts of its source and replaces it with Google Apps.

Fins from Jolla decided to start an Indiegogo campaign to fund the tablet. Their initial goal was $380,000, but the community quickly raised more than a million dollars. This gives them 265% of desired amount of money. The campaign still has 19 days to finish, so Jolla’s profit might end even more impressively. The first two thousand people who helped to fund the campaign will get their tablets once they’re out. The rest will have to wait until May 2015 to finally get the device. It will cost only $199, so essentially half the price of a Nexus 9 or iPad Mini 3–sounds like a good deal.

What do you think about Sailfish OS? Is this OS capable of becoming an alternative to Android? Or perhaps its life will be short and barely noticeable? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.